Our web design philosophy

Our approach to web design and development is fairly simple. In fact, we adhere as much to the K.I.S.S. rule as possible. This doesn't mean fancy is out, not by any means. However, our philosophy is that first and foremost, a web site or web application should WORK. This means following established standards, making sure that a project is as portable as possible, using open languages such as PHP, perl, or python, reducing client load and incompatability, etc. A pretty website isn't very useful if it breaks or is unusable. Of course, if there's something specific you'd like to achieve, please discuss it with us. We always strive to meet customer objectives, but don't be suprised if we present you with options that you may not have thought of, or challenge a concept to try and produce a better result. We are, in the end, thinking of both you and your customer's needs, and working for YOU!