What music is to me

What would life be without music? Music connects people, concepts, feelings, and events in unbelievable ways. Studies have shown that music, more than any other sensory input, can bring back memories with unrivaled clarity, and deeply connect people to the context of the events in their lives.

First and foremost, my focus on music comes from a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world, by connecting with people's emotions and enriching their lives. This connection can be light (brightening a person's day, strengthening good memories) or have a darker side. Music can be a very powerful force to help in dealing with personal life issues, pain, loneliness, etc. If my music helps improve even one person's life slightly, I will have achieved one of my major life goals.

Music services

Music services offered to clients include music beds for commercials, scoring for TV or film, and studio/session work (including compositional assistance, if needed).